Street Art

San Antonio is a colorful place, but lately, even more so. A group of artists has created the San Antonio Street Art Initiative. Their mission is to create the largest outdoor gallery in Texas, composed of murals that will “draw daily foot traffic, cyclists and visitors” in our city.

I first heard about this project in November of 2018, when I saw several social media posts about Phase I, so I went down to check out the opening. As I learned more about the project, I became a fan of Los Otros Murals, a collaboration between local artists known as Soupe and Shek. Their work is all over San Antonio: Soupe spray paints large. realistic black-and-white portraits and Shek fills in the backgrounds with a riot of color. They are the first artists to be commissioned to create a Fiesta Poster. (Do I own it? Yes, I do.)

The Los Otros site has a map of their murals. Many are along N. St. Mary’s Street, and since I had recently conquered my apprehensions about cycling on city streets, my husband and I decided to do a mural ride. It was an easy 4 miles, round trip, with so much to see!

If you like street art, follow @losotrosmurals and @sanantoniostreetart on Instagram. They are changing the face of our city. They’re also really nice guys. I notice it’s not there anymore, but they used to have a store on their website. I ordered a print for my husband’s birthday, and planned to pick it up at Gravelmouth Gallery during Second Saturday. But that night was severe weather and I couldn’t make it. They brought the package to our house a few days later, and included a bonus print, too. If you go to Second Saturday, you may get to see them in action.


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